Can we meet for a coffee or drink?

Yes as long as my fee is paid.

Where would you like to dine?

I love French, Thai, Indian, Tapas, middle eastern cuisine or a juicy steak. Lets explore…



Due to a high volume of enquiries, I prefer contact via email. Meeting is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Please ensure you have read my tour dates and website in full before contacting. Simply fill in the contact form which is sent directly to myself. Alternatively please send me an email including:

 • Name

• Telephone number

• City and possible date/time of engagement

• Type/length of engagement.

Once initial correspondence is received and I feel we are compatible, I will call you at a suitable time to break the ice and finalise our meet. Explicit, vulgar or one line emails are all simply ignored by going in to my trash folder. I only meet selected clients who communicate in a polite manner and have taken the time to read my website in full.

Same day meetings are sometimes possible with ample notice.


• Fee handling: To prevent any awkward moment, please ensure you have the correct fee in an un-sealed envelope to present discreetly within the first 5 minutes of arrival. If we are in public, please present this with a gift card or small gift bag. I may then excuse myself to count the fee discreetly.

• Personal hygiene: I find men who value cleanliness and hygiene more attractive than a foul smelling good looking one.  I am always showered and well groomed so expect the same from you. Please ensure you shower within an hour before our date and have a minty fresh breath for our first kiss. You’re welcome to shower at mine if you wish.

• Timekeeping: Call if you’re running late (at least 1 earlier) or need to cancel (see cancellation policy below). In case of more than a 15 minute delay, unfortunately you will be billed for the waiting period i.e. the beginning of the appointment is regarded from that time despite the delay.

• Contact: Your first impression is part of my screening process. Be clear and concise when making contact.  Please do not waste my time by dragging on scheduling a booking or participating in Ping-Pong conversations. There is zero tolerance for this.

Being a gentleman: Please respect boundaries at ALL times.  Any sign of stalking/persistent contact, obsessive or rude behaviour will not be tolerated including any regular clients. If I have to warn you of such behaviour more than once, you will be blocked permanently.


Cancellation policy

• In case of any cancellation, 24 hour notice is required. If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice a 30% remuneration fee is required to compensate for work stoppage. In case of longer bookings/overnights, the deposit already paid is non refundable.

• Failure to contact me to cancel a booking you can not attend OR failure to attend a booking more than once will mean you are a no show/time waster and will be banned from future bookings. This also  includes if the point above is not adhered to.

• All advance bookings must be confirmed on the day by 11am.

• If you are unable to call due to work/meetings then please leave sms before your meeting. If you are unable to call due to a flight then please call or sms before boarding and again as soon as you land.

• Failure to confirm may result in cancellation.


Can I have a discount?

Some things in life are not a commodity and are worth a premium. Please do not offend me by asking as you will be instantly blocked. Also if you’re the type of client who questions or worries about prices then I’m not the right lady for you. Please do not book if this is the case.

Do you offer incalls?

Incalls are offered in either a hotel (tours) or an apartment (Manchester).

Wardrobe requests

I do not take requests for uniforms, however I have a phenomenal wardrobe from elegant dresses to provocative lingerie. Rest assured I never wear questionable attire in public unless specifically requested (low cuts etc). My every day dress sense is chic, modest and elegant with hidden silky satins and naughty lace underneath so just let me know how you would like me to appear.

Are you a party girl?

No. I am always level headed, alcohol/drug free and expect the same from you. If it becomes clear you are under the influence of any illegal drugs or falling down drunk, I will terminate the booking and leave without a refund. Please note I am only an occasional social drinker for longer bookings only. Clubbing dates are not possible unless you’re a long term trusted and discrete regular as this is something I save as a personal indulgence to selected music venues only where I often bump into people I may know.

Discretion, health and safety

Everything you do doesn’t need to be seen or heard. Client discretion is always upheld and all personal information is kept confidential. I have no interest in using any of your sensitive details nor sharing with any third party.

In life, there are more important things than just money such as my safety and well being. Being an escort comes with risk and for this reason all clients are screened to evaluate their legitimacy. Any discerning client will understand the correlation between level of screening and quality of service provided.

I am screened every 4 weeks to ensure not only my own health but that of my clients too. I do not engage in any risky activities such as BB penetration. Anyone who tries to negotiate this will be blacklisted.

Are there any ethnicities you won’t see?

As a personal preference I do not see black men or anyone much larger than average down below.


I travel with regular clients (at discretion) and also offer exclusive fly me to you visits upon personal request. Minimum booking applies:

Within Europe: Overnight or longer.

Outside Europe: 2 days or longer.

• 7+ hour flights must be business class for Fly Me to You dates. Alternatively I can arrive a day early to relax and meet you the day after. In this case I will ask you to cover the cost of a suitable hotel room. You will only be charged from the next day when I will be able to greet you feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

• Hotel must be 4* or 5* minimum.

• I understand if you have medical issues, snore or sleep walk, in which case I kindly ask for an additional room next to you for some quality sleep so I can wake you all fresh.

• I need two hours alone time per day to unwind and catch up on personal things.

Deposit Payments

• Deposits are payable via bank transfer and are strictly received then confirm basis for overnight bookings or longer. In case of cheques- this must have cleared first.

• Dates for travel bookings are only held once a deposit has been cleared and flights have been booked within 7 days of confirmation.

• Failure to do so will mean my diary shall become available for someone else to book. In which case, your deposit will be held for a maximum 2 weeks should you wish to reschedule at a later date within 6 months. Any later means it is non-refundable.