Europe & Beyond

I am a travel/culture addict and often find myself setting travel goals. I would love to meet you in a new city or reacquaint with one I’ve already had pleasure visiting. Air fare, travel and accommodation expenses apply. Please note for cities where the airport is located further afield, additional payment for taxi expenses may occur.

• West Europe: minimum 4 hour dinner/lunch date + travel

 East Europe: minimum 4 hour dinner/lunch date + travel

 Outside Europe: mimimum 48 hours. Travel expenses are calculated on individual basis.

Places I Liked: Japan, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona, Budapest, South Africa, Vietnam, Prague.

Places I would like to explore: Monaco, Moscow, Finland, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Bali, Florida, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Canada and the list goes on!


Lunch/dinner (4 hours)- £1100

Evening engagement (6 hours)- £1300

Overnight  (12 hours)- £1750

Extended overnight (12-15 hours)- £2000


24 hours rendezvous- £2500

Escape + play weekend- £3500

Mini vacation -POA